Welcome to Glen Innes

Glen Innes Village is just 13 minutes by train from Britomart and is home to 150 businesses, many of which are unique to Glen Innes.  We are just a few minutes drive from Meadowbank, Mount Wellington and the motorway.
Glen Innes Business Association (GIBA) is a Business Improvement District (BID).

Auckland Council established the BID programme as a local economic development initiative run by a business association in partnership with the Council.  There are currently 48 BID’s across Auckland, representing over 25,000 businesses with a combined capital value estimated at $24 billion.  

Each BID programme has strategic and business goals that it seeks to achieve most commonly centred around advocacy, liaison and furthering the interests of the businesses within that commercial area.  Like all business associations, GIBA’s programmes are based on a partnership between local government, the business community and the community at large.

GIBA is a not-for profit organisation.  All businesses operating within the defined business area of Glen Innes are automatically members of the Association. 

The Association is funded by a targeted rate levy included in the annual rates which is collected by Auckland Council, on behalf of the Association and passed on in its entirety to be spent as agreed by members on an annual basis.  This targeted rate covers operational office and town centre promotional expenses, main street projects and employment of staff, all to encourage new businesses, customers and life into our business area.